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1. Parents are solely responsible if their ward (s) is using independant means of conveyance to attend the school.

2. Parents are not allowed to escort their wards to the class room. They are advised to accompany them to a certain point/area ear-marked by the school

3. Pupil who come late will be admitted to the classes only with the permission of the competent authority.

4. The school authorities cannot be held responsible for the loss of any valuable of the student either inside inside or outside, or in transit. It's the sole responsibility of the student to look after their belongings.

5. Parents are not expected to question the decision, academic or disciplinary, of the teachers directly. They are free to raise their genuine complaints to the competent authorities.

6. Parents are requested to inform to the office in case of any address change.

7. Students are not permitted to absent themselves from the classess. In case of an absence, you have to produce a letter of absence ftom the parent/ guardian.

8. Parents are hereby informed that no request over phone for any minor or major change (s) in the the conveyance of your ward (to and from school) is entertained.

9. The character and the conduct of the students both inside and outside of the school will be under our strict surveillance, any rash behaviour and disobedience will call for disciplinary action.

10. There will be no compromise on discipline.

11. Students are advised to study in the class on their early arrival at school.

12. Playing and talking noisly in the assembly is strictly forbidden and studdents, should attend the assembly immediatly after the bell in strict silence.

13. The classroom and the school campus and all other things should be kept neat and tidy.

14. Jewellery and costly ornaments are not to be worn by students. The school takes no responsibilty for the safety of such articles. Only small and simple studs are permitted for girls.

15. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the school.

16. Students should always speak English in the school campus as well as in the class room.

17. All assignments shall be regularly done and submitted.

18. Parents are requested to read the REMARK section of the school diary of their ward every day.


1. Parents are expected to talk prompt action on the instruction given through the school circulars.

2. Parents are aware of the fact that the school conducts co-curricular activities and competitions like Oratory Competition, Cultural Fest, Youth Fest & Sports. The selected candidates for different events will have to participate and compete at the Interschool, District and State level. The school entertains only those children to participate in our school programme finals whose parents give us a written assurance that their child will participate at the higher levels of competitions, if selected. Here dear parents are reminded that you should extend a helping hand, financilally or otherwise, to help your child participate at the higher levels of competitions.

3. Parents are requested to go through to go through the rules and regulations prescribed; and help and co-operate in maintaining the standard our school is expected.

4. Please remember that desciplined child at home will be a desciplined child at school.Take interest in their test, assignments, and their daily work and also in their extra curricular activities.

5. Kindly avoid criticising the the teachers in the presence of your children.

6. Please do not believe everything, your child tell you about the teachers or the school.Children are very imaginative and they cook up stories to escap from punishment.

7. Students should produce leave letter which is provided in the diary when absent and mrdical certificate on medical ground.

8. If you have genuine complaints complaints please do not hesitate to contact the Principal directly or bring the matters to the notice of the school authorities.Make use of the suggestion box kept in the school.

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