"All work and no play make jack a dull boy " reads the proverb which carries a lot of weight age. Hence in educational institution also children must not be a part of only academic world but must be encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities. It might happen that some children might not be good in academics but has a lot of potential in other activities. So it is the responsibility of every educational institution to encourage children to marshal their skills by allowing them to participate in the extra-curricular activities that they are good in.

Extra-curricular activities must be made a mandatory part of the curriculum as it enhances the all round development in a child. A child’s growth depends upon many factors and one such factor is his participation in co-curricular activities. School must have these activities in order to promote healthy learning on the school premises and for each child to understand and know his strong points.

Extra-curricular activities can be divided under different banners such as Literary, Sports, Creative, Science and Field Trips. Under the Literary Banner, activities like Elocution, Drama, Extempore, Declamation, Creative Writing, Spell bee, Quizzes can be organized and children who have a good command over the language or has the flair to write, are updated with the current affairs can be motivated to participate in these literary co-curricular activities.

Children who are good sportsmen can take parts in various sport activities organized by the school. A school may organize a football competition and may invite other schools to participate in the competition. This provides a lot of scope fore the children to show their sportsman spirit and give their best to win the game and make their school proud. Moreover such participation creates a healthy atmosphere among children and they get to know each other well.

Extra-curricular activities under the creative banner may include pottery making, puppetry, learning how to play a musical instrument, displaying skills in dance and singing and many such activities that highlight the hidden talents of a learner.

Similarly children can be also encouraged to participate in interesting activities related to Science. They might be asked to organize a Science Exhibition that may bring out the interest and enthusiasm of each child in setting up the exhibition. These activities might allow the child to take more interest in his lessons and might give him a chance to go ahead with some sort of useful research that will help him to come across something new. Children can also apply the gained knowledge in working out other things.

All students may not be good in academics. Hence in order to guide them to display the talents in the field that they are good in, educational institutions must have this platform called Extra-curricular activity.

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